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Nice To Meet You

Hello! I’m Robert Kinlaw, the founder of Wonder Storytelling.

I founded Wonder Storytelling to provide full-service video production with a focus on quality and authenticity, using lessons I’ve learned from many years spent interviewing and recording real stories from real people.

My story as a creative video professional began in 2011, when I started working on a documentary — my first ever — about my hometown. I was fortunate enough for that film to become regular programming on North Carolina Public Television, and at age 19, had the privilege of watching my documentary premiere on television.

Two years later, I graduated from the UNC School of Media & Journalism, and created online video content for a few news outlets before taking a full time job as Multimedia Strategist with EdNC, an innovative nonprofit newsroom that covers education throughout the state.

For EdNC, I traveled to schools and communities with a video camera in hand, capturing intimate documentary footage with folks from all walks of life. It was an amazing opportunity to interface with many different sides of humanity while trying my best to catch it all on camera.

I’m very grateful to say that my video work has been included in several film festivals over the years and been awarded several times, including a national first-place award.

Why Wonder

Before founding Wonder Storytelling, I spent years working both as a video freelancer and a full-time Multimedia Strategist for EdNC. Although my style and the organizations who sponsor my content have changed over time, my attention to detail and desire for authenticity have always remained.

When I was ready to create my own production company, I wanted the company to have a name that immediately described the way I want viewers to feel. But nothing was coming to mind, and there was work to be done! So I got started as Robert Kinlaw Productions. After a successful first year of business, the word “wonder” popped into my mind, and finally, I felt I had a potential company name. When I looked up the definition, I absolutely loved it:


  • (noun) a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.
  • (verb) desire or be curious to know something; feel doubt.

For me, this is truly what encapsulates great content, regardless of the medium. It’s the target we aim at for every video at Wonder Storytelling.

At Wonder Storytelling…

We start with listening.

We tell authentic stories that delight viewers in ways they never could have expected.

We uplift the people working hardest to improve our world and the people who are powerless to do so.

We create content that makes audiences think a little harder, or feel a little more, than they did before.

This is our recipe for restoring wonder in the world.


Wonder what’s next